Saturday, February 14, 2015

Zone Leader Exchanges and Roller Coaster Week (Plus Linguistics)

This week has been absolutely CRAZY. As like any other week. It has been so slow, and still some struggles here and there but we've had a lot of fun. Sister Kim is just a great companion that I cried even more when she comforted me when I was SO DEVASTATED with one of our teaching appointments last Tuesday. I don't really want to go through details so as not to really sound negative about it and the investigator is a child of God and I love him so....
okay, 我的傳教怎麼樣?

​I've been praying that I would be able to help my people (Filipinos) this transfer and I have found someone who was willing to learn more and to meet with the local missionaries. Sadly, I haven't gotten a hold of him and I still couldn't call him because he is still sick. We've met a bunch of really good chats in as well and we hope to find those low-hanging fruit as President said. We are still praying. We had a miracle baptism this week which is good too and she is Korean.
So this week, I had the chance to also practice my Espa​ñol. Now the Spanish sisters want me to pass off and I don't really feel like it. I just have this drive to study all of my languages when I get back at home. I am so excited that my Sister will be going to China so that when she comes back, I will be practicing my Mandarin with her if my grandma is not very available and I'll practice my Spanish with Mama. :P
Spiritually speaking, I've had some pondering this past week. I have not had dreams that woke me up at 3am now but I've somehow always thought of reevaluating how I am doing as a missionary and I always fall short. There was actually a chat that asked if the Lord forgives us if we make the same mistakes over and over again. That reminded me a time that I felt that exact same way here on my mission. I am falling short over and over again and especially now, all of my imperfections are surfacing. But something that I've thought is that there is still so much about the Atonement that we couldn't really comprehend, we couldn't really fathom. And that is why the Atonement is there so that we can start over, we can strive to improve, we can do better to overcome those weaknesses and to turn them into strengths. After that turning point of the week, that devastating lesson, I felt the sense of depression coming in but I was able to recover fully because of the Sisters around me. Sister Jin, one of the Assistants to the President and a really good friend of mine in the mission, helped me realized how much I am loved by the Lord and by those around me and how much Heavenly Father is proud of me with what I am doing. She even added, "Sister Ngo, you are such a wonderful leader." And told me of the comments that my Zone Leaders have shared during Zone Leader reports. She said "I am so proud of my friend." Sister Jin is such a wonderful missionary and I am so glad to be serving with her.
That night was one of those nights that I prayed to my Father in Heaven in the same way that I prayed to Him when I was struggling with myself two years prior to my mission. I guess I said the same things saying that "My Heart is broken and I can't work so well, Can Thou heal my broken heart? And tell me, what do I need to do better?" That night, I was having that conversation with Him and I was able to sleep well and since then I have asked Him every night, "What can I do better?"
I was on exchanges with Sister Garcia yesterday and she's just an amazing missionary and she's an example of being a Christlike leader. I learned so much from her this transfer and I felt like I always screw up when I'm with her but she's just wonderful. She even pointed out the things that I can improve on and saw more of my strengths rather than my weaknesses.
Well, that's basically all that I can share with you today. :)

Sister Kristel Marie Cruz Ngo (吳姐妹)
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission/
Georgia Atlanta North Mission
​Just wanted to share this picture that I took when I was called to become a District leader. 
I love President Poulsen. :)​ 
But hey, any one's mission is the best mission in the world for them. Mine happened to be Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square and Georgia Atlanta North. 
My mom's are the Philippines Cebu and Bacolod Missions... and my brother's is the Philippines Legazpi Mission.


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