Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day to Chinese New Year

Hello Everyone!
I have no worries because I am loved by Heavenly Father even though I received Valentine greetings from home a little bit later. I've been meaning to greet last P-day but I guess the thought of Valentine's day slipped my mind and because I am such a missionary minded person that I felt like I celebrated Valentine's day every day with my Father. :)
So Updates this week!
​We've seen much successes the past week. We reported a baptism that happened last transfer because we weren't able to confirm it this transfer so that was a blessing. I never gotten a hold of the Filipino investigator na pero okay lang sa akin, that means he is not yet prepared. We have found people who are interested to learn more about the gospel. Heavenly Father is definitely a "Fourth Watch God". He makes us do all that we can in His work then He lends a hand if we couldn't do it anymore. We've been tried and tested, we've had times that we wanted to give up, but Heavenly Father truly showers us with blessings when we endure to the end.​ I have learned this week is that when Heavenly Father gives us challenges, that means it is time for us to progress and grow and develop that what you've asked for. And when things get hard, that means you are doing the right thing and that you are taking a step closer to your relationship with Heavenly Father. Well, I am happy. I am continually finding my inner peace and I am glad that I am able to slowly discover it here in my mission.

​Yesterday was Chinese New Year and it totally reminds me of some of the things that we do at home as a tradition. Chinese sisters ​gave us some 紅包 (Ang pao) with some Chinese characters and how they came to be. I really love my Chinese heritage and I am so happy that I was also able to improve with my 普通話 (Mandarin) on my mission. I can't wait to practice it with my Grandmother!
​Today, we had zone activity. We visited the Elderly and we were able to sing some songs with them. We also saw a cooking demonstration on how to make Chicken Mollet(?), a kind of chicken soup or some sort, and we also spent some time with them as well. I met Gloria who is a Lutheran from New York City and moved to Utah 2 years ago to be with her daughters. It was a really fun activity.

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