Tuesday, October 21, 2014

格魯吉亞 (Georgia) 第5週 (5th Week)


​This week has been another crazy week, not quite because of missionary work.
Well to start off, last week's email was on Tuesday because it was Columbus day, so we moved our preparation day on ​Tuesday instead of Monday. I failed to mention in my last email that it was definitely a start of a crazy week because we had a tornado warning and rain was pouring hard all day. We were soaking wet when we went to our Sisters' P-day that morning. It did, however, reminded me of home in a good way.
This week, we have had a lot of miracles in our area. We had put someone on date last Thursday and he is a really solid investigator. He really had a huge desire to change and also expressed that he would also want to go on a mission one day. We were really excited. He committed to the 22nd of November. We also had another one last night. She is so sweet and is very obedient to her parents. But has felt a good connection with God and is willing to keep or stay in that connection. She is a wonderful daughter of God. She also committed on the 8th of November. Both of them were able to go to church.
​Last Thursday, we attended a reception of a daughter of a member in the ward where I am serving who is a Filipina. We met a lot of Filipinos and my companions were able to taste Filipino cuisines that day and they liked it. So far I have not had time to cook Adobo for them so we took that as an opportunity. We also found out that there was a large Filipino community here in Athens and most Filipino members of our church attends the Monroe Ward. I met a guy who is from Mandaue City (nakasulti na jud ko og bisaya ever since ni-ari ko sa Athens) and another who graduated from the University of San Carlos - Bachelor of Science in CHEMISTRY. (Hala, mga Carolinian! :))
Well, this week - in the spiritual side of things - I have absolutely learned a lot of things with regards to Faith and the Atonement. To summarize, it can be given through the words of Elder Scott from the last General Conference:

"Despite all of the negative challenges we have in life, we must take time to actively exercise our faith."

Having this another roller coaster of a week, I have realized that these challenges can be a learning experience for each one of us. During personal study earlier, I was able to share something that I have learned in Mosiah 23:21 that after having prospered in the land of Helam, Alma and those who followed him have experienced challenges when the Lamanites took over their land. Sometimes, trials are the ways for us to progress. It gave me a larger understanding of why there as to be opposition in all things. That is the purpose why we are here, so that we can learn and grow in order to become closer to God, depending on our choice and faithfulness. I have started to really understand the reasons as to rather to question why or doubt, we would ask, "what am I to learn from this?" My Aunt sent me an email that is also relative to the studies that I have learned this morning and going back to the previous email, I have thought of what I could've done differently.
I don't really know if I'm making any sense. But my head is quite disorganized lately. :) 

Take care and God be with you 'til we meet again! :P

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