Tuesday, October 28, 2014

格魯吉亞 (Georgia) 第6週 (6th Week)

​How is everybody doing?
Time flies by so fast and I am half-way through my time here in Georgia, and transfers are coming up. I am getting transferred to Monroe effective October 29. I really enjoyed being here in Athens and I really love the people here. I guess that is why I am having mixed emotions since finding out I am getting transferred. But looking at it at the good side, I was able to practice 我的中文 (my Mandarin) yesterday. I was able to meet a girl named 马维慧 (I'm not sure with the last character because I know only the pinyin and her last and first name - Ma Wei Hui). She went to church yesterday as invited by the Athens 2nd Ward Elders and they offered an English class. I will be there to help her out. What got me more excited is that she is from 中国福建 (Fujian Province) - the place where my Chinese ancestry is from! :) and what makes it cooler is that she is from the very town where my sister will be studying her mandarin, 福州 (Fuzhou)! We also contacted a Chinese lady with the name of Hui Rong, with whom we have an appointment this coming Wednesday but sadly, I won't be here for that. Another good thing about being transferred to Monroe is that most of the Filipino Members of the church in Athens are in that ward. So I am ready for a taste of home rather than just a feel of home. Well, my mission has always felt like home to me. What makes it different is that my family isn't here. And I miss them.
Well, this week has been absolutely amazing but at the same time quite a nuisance since my allergies has never left me these past 4 weeks, but it has never stopped me from doing the Lord's work. As the prophet Joseph Smith himself said, "... No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing." We have really seen miracles this past week. With Dimple Patel, bless her cuteness and sweet heart, she is so excited for her upcoming baptism on the 8th of November. I just loved how after teaching her how to pray the previous meeting, she offered to say the opening prayer the next meeting without hesitation. I love her so much, she is truly an example for each of us. Not only was she learning from us, we are also learning from her in terms of being a very obedient daughter, and a sincere and pure-hearted learner. She is just wonderful! We also met with Jayne Fertig, our Jewish investigator, a couple of times this week and despite her slow progression, the light in her countenance is glowing more and more every single day that we have been meeting with her. She has been doing great with maintaining her optimism, and finding and seeking out her purpose in life by having that increased faith in God and understanding the importance of the Savior. I just love her so much that when we broke to her the news that we might be getting transferred, she started to cry. That pure love that I felt from her just fills my heart with an overwhelming feeling of our Father's love to each and everyone of His children.
It has been really a spiritual week and I have had a lot of times that I was left reflecting on certain things especially with my spiritual growth and welfare. One of the things that stood out to me strongly this week is the love that Simon Peter had for the Savior. I was listening to this song from the Lamb of God where Peter has truly felt down after having denied the Savior thrice, fulfilling the Savior's warning/prophecy. I couldn't exactly remember the lyrics of the song but listening to it made me evaluate how much I am expressing that same love to Him who saved me from the gall of bitterness from the past mistakes that I have done. It also made me think of the times that I haven't really tried my very best to stay faithful and later on regret and asking the question... "What have I done?..."
I can truly testify that the mission, my mission and everyone else's, can truly change and make us and helping us become whom the Savior wants us to become. I loved how the mission has changed me and shaped me. It has truly strengthened my testimony of charity and Christ-like love as I serve the people in the area where the Lord wants me to serve. Definitely, the mission has helped me grow and progress just as how I have helped my investigators. I love my mission and I will truly treasure this experience.
I love you all! 我爱你们!
Sister Kristel Marie Cruz Ngo (吳姐妹)
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission/
Georgia Atlanta North Mission
p.s The Elders have entered the building and I lost my train of thought at the last part of my email. I could've said more but I need to get out of here... :) Happy Halloween!​

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