Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Outbound Announcement

​I really don't know how to compose this email but here it goes.
Somehow, time is flying by so fast and it's scaring me. The more I am enjoying the mission the faster it goes and especially when you reach your mid-way mark, your experiences just go by at light speed that time would come, I would wake up and feel like all of this has just been a dream.
But it's not...
Okay, so I'm going straight to the point before I write a long email that would sound like a novel. Hahaha. My mom always tease me about that. But anyway, let's get into "business" (highlights of the week)
1. I'm going outbound to the GEORGIA ATLANTA NORTH MISSION under President John ​
​E. Bennion. I am excited to learn how to work with the ward members and to be more effective in terms of planning and teaching towards conversion. Let alone, grow and strengthen my testimony in my Savior Jesus Christ. Here's my address for the next 3 months:
Sister Kristel Marie Cruz Ngo
Georgia Atlanta North Mission
1150 Cole Cr SW
Lilburn, GA

2. One of my investigators from Baltimore, Maryland is getting baptized on the 19th of October. I am so happy even though I won't be here. He is so innocent and he really displayed a childlike character.​
​ I am excited for him. He is one of our miracles for the past week.
These week has been quite hard but it was good. I learned a lot this week that I need to be more humble and patient and still strive to be exactly obedient. My current companion is going to be another Filipina. One thing I am excited for her about. Whew. Time just fly by so fast. But I am enjoying every single day of it. Next thing I know it, it's my second CHRISTMAS here on Temple Square! Can't wait to see the lights again! :D I'll be outbound on General Women's Meeting, General Conference, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Devotional. o.O
 That's all folks! :) Oh yeah! and picture time! Finally announced in Cebuano last Sunday!


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