Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Short-email update before REAPING DAY!

Let the GAMES BEGIN! "May the odds be in MY favor."
Well, not really. I just wanted to reference Hunger Games for transfer days. These are the thrilling moments of the mission when you'll find out what is happening with you the next transfer. I have a feeling I will be going outbound (Out of Temple Square) next transfer. I will not know where until Thursday (if I really go, that is).
This week has been quite terrific! A little challenge here and there but every trial is always followed by miracles. I won't be giving much detail about what the trial is... it's more of a personal struggle. But surely, I became even stronger than who I was before that. And Heavenly Father was also there to help me through it.
Well, one good news (or miracle) that happened after that day was I found out that my investigator from Traverse City, Michigan got baptized on my mom's birthday! I met Shelly, her name, on chat. She came to chat asking about Joseph Smith and what "Mormons" believed. We shared with her a little bit about the church and sent a referral to the local missionaries. We weren't able to get a hold of her until the beginning of last transfer when she said that she was on a date for baptism and she loved the church. And again, I wasn't able to get a hold of her until after the trial day and we decided to sent her a text message when we saw that the local mission updated her status from "progressing investigator" to "recent convert". Then we talked to her a little bit about the Law of Chastity afterwards and we have been sending her daily text messages to strengthen her to keep her covenants. She is so sweet, I love her!
This week I worked on studying about Divine Nature from the Young Women Personal Progress. I totally regretted why I didn't work on this before, the program is AWESOME and I recommend it to my young women friends (or even all my GIRL friends! You are a daughter of God!). As I studied this young woman value, it helped me realized who I am and who I can become as a Daughter of God. Funny, one morning I looked myself at the mirror last week and I suddenly told my companion, "I feel different... I feel confident... I feel BEAUTIFUL!" I never really do that even when I was back at home. And take note, I didn't have my make up on. It totally changed my day! I feel happier and feel energetic as I did missionary work.
Well, that is my short email for today. :) or this week. I am so excited to always say "I volunteer as TRIBUTE!" as a missionary every single day. Mission is challenging, hardwork, TRANSFORMING but FUN! It is the BEST decision I have ever made in my life. I guess, in the premortal existence, when the Lord asks "I need someone to take care of my children," I was truly happy that I was one of those who said... "Here I am, send me..."

​I ♥ you! 

Sister Kristel Marie Cruz Ngo (吳姐妹)
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission

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