Monday, September 22, 2014

From Athens with ♥

​-Athens, Georgia-
Athens 1st Ward is my first area here in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission and I am enjoying it since I started working last Thursday. the experience has really been amazing and I love my area. I have two amazing companions and they are the Sister Training Leaders here in our Zone. They are just wonderful and loving. The reason why I was paired up was that I could cover a lot of areas and find people to teach that speak the languages I speak. I am pretty excited.
There are a lot of things that I have learned during my first few days here in Athens. One, the southern people are so hospitable and lovable! I just couldn't describe how much I really love them. The members here are very excited and willing to do missionary work and they just have great and powerful testimonies. In fact, we have one less-active that we are working with to get inside the temple. Her name is Sister Gwen Bush and every time I talk to her just brings me joy and fills my heart with loving motivation that I want to help her as much as I could. She's a really sweet lady. Then there's Katie, a recent convert who was baptized last August. She is so amazing. Two months into her baptism and she has this really powerful testimony and always wants to be a great example to others. In fact, she really loves running and coaches a team of teenagers for tract meets. There's Jayne, one of our investigators who has a Jewish heritage. She is just sweet. We helped her move some of her things last Saturday and I love doing so. Then Shirley Patrick, she's a loving old lady... I could talk on and on about the people around us and tell you how much I love them but I wouldn't want to make this email a 10 page novel.
One thing that I really love about Athens is that it reminds me of home. The trees, the fields, the hospitable people, the starry night sky. I just learned how to appreciate the details of God's creation. Somehow, it does make me miss the Philippines but it made me grow to love Athens more. What also adds to that is my two great companions, Sister DeBry and Sister Bedke, whose testimonies are powerful, and personalities are so great that they are the type of Sisters that I would want to hang around with after my mission (all of my companions are just great!) They are both beautiful inside and out and I couldn't really describe how much I love them. There would probably be a long list of qualities. They are Christlike and their insights are amazing. They are very talented too.
My studies have been quite effective and I could really feel the spirit when we were teaching people, not lessons. Being here in Athens has been a testimony builder for me as well. I am enjoying every minute of it as possible. Sadly, I need to do better at journal keeping. :)

Okay, well. I couldn't really learn how to summarize my experiences but here are some tips for the firsts of this week:
First house visited - September 18, 2014 at Sister Gwen Bush's home.
First dinner appointment - September 19, 2014 at Sister Kelly Checketts' home with Carol (this also served as a member present lesson too!)
First Home Ward on my mission - Athens 1st Ward
First Game meat - Rabbit... I had it yesterday with the Standers family and it tasted like chicken. It was good!
Well... I guess that's all.

Sister Kristel Marie Cruz Ngo (吳姐妹)
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission/
Georgia Atlanta North Mission

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