Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Reaching my MID-MISSION Mark

Whoa, Time flies by really fast when you really do all you can in the service of the Lord. Things has been really crazy especially this morning was Transfer Conference. Luckily, everything will stay the same except for my District Leader and Zone Leaders since Sister A. Garcia will be going home and Sister McQueen is the new Assistant to the President. At least I won't have to stress out in moving my things since they are a lot of them and I am a tiny person (according to most of the Sisters here). I could not believe that I have been out for almost 9 months already (and trust me, I always hear the word "pregnant" or "giving birth" or "labor" from the Sisters... That's what happens when you have 193 Sisters in the mission with no young Elders.  and of course, being a nurse, my mind tend to bring out my professional thinking).
Well, enough about the mid-way mark and all. This week has been really good except for the physical weaknesses that I am experiencing. I also decided, since I need some mental health advices in order to manage my stress, to see the mission psychologist - Sister Michelle Workman. She then referred me to the LDS Family Services for more clinical evaluation. But no worries, I am completely fine as to my mental health. I am completely normal. Just felt like the need to exercise more optimism and to lessen being really stressed out and to reduce my anxieties being caused by missionary work. I am really grateful for the gospel helping me to take care of myself in all aspects of my life, especially physically, mentally and emotionally. But it never really hurts to ask help as well. Aside from the skill-development in managing Stress Emergencies, I was able to live my dream by playing soccer for two days for exercise. It resulted to sore muscles in my thorax down to my right leg and it has been painful to walk for the past 2 days. I loved the adrenalin rush in kicking the ball though, and it was a good Cardio exercise for me.
Missionary work is doing great! We are still diligently finding people to teach and invite them to come unto Christ. In fact, this week, when we were about to go and have dinner, the Sisters in West Gate information booth asked us if we could take a "tour" from the airport. Well, thinking that we could keep a short tour, I said that we could take it and we took this man around Temple Square. I was really happy when I found out that he was a PURE Filipino who grew up in Texas. If I remember correctly, his parents are from Bicol or Ilocos, then moved here when he was 8 years old. What added to my happiness is that when we introduced the Book of Mormon and invited him to read the last 2 paragraphs of the introduction, he later wanted to take a picture of it and we said that he could download the Book of Mormon app from iStore or Google Play. He also decided to keep in touch with us and would like to come back to Temple Square. In another instance, my recent convert, William, told me that the missionaries in his area are teaching one of his friends and he is getting to be involved with the missionary work. He just had his first home teaching experience yesterday and despite being nervous about it, he was able to share things that he knew. We talked to him about faith this morning and he liked it. This week, we also had another inbound call from a lady who is interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon.
My companion is just great. She has such a powerful testimony. In fact, when we took this family around Temple Square with the local missionaries of the Salt Lake City South Mission, the spirit was so strong as we each shared our experiences and how much the Temple and the covenants that we have made in the Temple blessed our lives and our family. Then when we took them to God's Plan for His Families, the Spirit touched all of our hearts that the family committed to do the best that they can to become closer to Jesus Christ. Sister Radamason's testimony and her experience with her father's passing 2 years ago also helped me strengthen my testimony about the gospel and Heavenly Father's plan of happiness when my uncle passed away. There are a lot of things that I can share about my companion that I don't think it would ever fit in this email.
And lastly, I think what's great about this week is the love that I have felt from the Savior and from Heavenly Father. Receiving a letter from Brother Kirby, an amazing member from Oregon, brighten up my week as he gave us some words of encouragement. Sister Stephen (My trainer) gave me a card for my late birthday accompanying a bracelet. The card contained a LONG description on why she decided to give me the bracelet and... it was really sweet, I cried while reading it.  Another instance as well as I was receiving a "journal" page from one of my previous companions, Sister Han Chen, she was just so sweet that I really know that I will DEFINITELY miss her as she goes home.
Well, sorry for my long email. This week has been really amazing. Each and everyday, I always felt the love of the Savior and of Heavenly Father to all of His Children, whether we are missionaries or not. And even as missionaries, we also feel that love to those that we call over the phone or talk to on the square. Being a missionary is the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life and that there are so many things to learn and to enjoy. We may have our trials, but Heavenly Father lifts us up through the Atonement of the Savior. And as a missionary, the Lord's promise that as we do our best to be on His errand, His angels are with us to bear us up.

​This picture was taken this morning. One of my companions is going home ​
Sister Kristel Marie Cruz Ngo
Utah Salt Lake CityTemple Square Mission

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