Thursday, May 01, 2014

Family Update!!!!

Yes, this email is for family only. Napakaexciting ang email na ito, promise. :D
So Mommy and Daddy! I have good news! I just got out from a very long language meeting (for Mandarin Speakers) and it was about how we can hasten the work of salvation in CHINA as missionaries here in Temple Square through motorcoaches (Large group or Bus-load tours). And since there are A LOT of visitors coming this summer from China, the missionary department in coordination with the family history department have shown us such a wonderful  tool to catch the interest of the Chinese people (and we can use it to make Ama interested in the gospel).
The church, as we all know, believes in that families are very important and the number one priority. As said in a Chinese proverb "out of 100 things that we could do, we should always put our family first." And this leads us to the families in China keeping genealogical records. Something that I didn't know is that around the year 1960s-70s, the government wanted to have the genealogical records destroyed but now, the government is supporting to collect all genealogical records, showing the prophecy/spirit of Elijah taking place. The church have been able to preserve and digitize a lot of those records to date.
According to the one I have talked to, we can be able to search for our "Jiapu" or family clan in China! The church is doing everything to put those genealogical images online in so that we can get those names and bring them to the Temple. What's amazing about this is that not only will it help us but it will also bring China to accept the gospel! Hearing about it this morning, I just felt the spirit so strong and such great excitement and I can't wait to receive training to search for our Jiapu of the Wu and Chen family clans from Fujian Province. So that when I come home, I could teach all of you, including Ama to search for our family history. They said that they would put the records in Mandarin (Chinese characters both in Simplified and Traditional), English and in Pinyin!
Due to the short amount of time that I had, I might not elaborate this to all of you so I might tell you all this next week or on Mothers day. And aside from that too, they are actually giving "Ang Pao/Hong Bao" with the history of the last names and the famous people and the migration of the clans all over China. I can't wait to get the "Wu" and "Chen" ones. I currently have "Huang" which I would be sending sometime soon with Chinese Church Materials.
So yeah. And missionary work is doing great! I have 2 investigators on date! :)

♥ Sister Ngo / ♥ 傳教士姐妹
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission

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