Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is my JOY!

​I don't know where to start! After the trials that I have experienced last week, much blessings and miracles came as well. And I am afraid that I might be writing an email as long as a novel. My mom, a couple of years ago, would always tease me about that so I am trying as much as possible to be cautious at my length of emails. :)
Oh how much Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of His children that those who truly desire to come to Him is really being prepared to receive His restored gospel. Not only that, He is also strengthening those who are serving Him and is truly making those people to become His instruments.
One of the many blessings that I have received this week was when I was serving at the Beehive house, Sister Nelson from Canada called our phones because they have received a chat from the Philippines. Connect could not identify the address so I told them that I would just check it out myself and would try calling the person when we get to the Teaching Centers. So I got her information. When I called the number, it was a woman, aged 32 who lives in Quezon City. She wants to keep in touch with local missionaries because she was able to meet them when she was working in Macau as a Nurse, but when she got home, she wasn't able to get a hold of the missionaries. She had a sad story though and when I heard her story, I really felt compassion for her and in that instant I have come to love her and wanted to comfort her in anyway that I could. Then she said that she really liked the missionary discussions because what the missionaries has taught her gave her a different but positive perspective about life and that she felt drawn to the church.
Another blessing was that yesterday, I got an inbound call from a man in Indiana who wanted to know what time of service he would be attending since he saw that there were two times for the Sunday Service at the local church unit he wanted to attend. And he is not a member of the church. He said that he was doing bible study one time when suddenly a thought came to him to go to and check out our beliefs. He says he wants to investigate the church and that is what led him to call. I offered him a free Book of Mormon to be delivered and he agreed that I call him and help him learn more!
I truly testify that if we work hard and strengthen our faith in the Lord, miracles do happen and that the Lord will really provide the way. He will really help us. This is His work, this is His Mission. We are His instruments to bring His children closer to Him.
The Lord truly does give us trials to strengthen us and to help us grow. Alma 29:9.
♥ Sister Ngo / ♥ 傳教士姐妹
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission

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