Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Transfer Conference!!!

Oh my goodness! Time flies by so fast! I'm already in my third transfer (and finished my 12 week program!!!!) So today, ​I just found out who I will be with next transfer! Exciting and nervous at the same time!
Okay, so here are the details:
My current companion and trainer, Sister Stephen, will be going outbound to Washington Spokane Mission for 2 transfers (12 weeks). So a part of our mission here in Temple Square is that we get an opportunity to serve an outbound or a regular mission for 2 or 3 transfers within the United States. Mostly, it's in the middle of our missions. My trainer is currently in her 6th transfer.
So much to my anxiety, knowing that she is going outbound, I would have a new companion next transfer. My new companion will be coming back from outbound on Wednesday... and... She's my district leader... so to speak, I am now assistant/companion to the district leader for two transfers. It's as if the Lord is trying to train me for something. Hehehe. I am also assigned as Tagalog Coordinator in the mission, that means, I will serve all the Filipino Sisters here in the square by knowing what they need and how to help them. I find it cool but as of the moment, I still have no idea what I will be doing.
So I changed zones as well. I will be serving most of my time in the Beehive House (President Brigham Young's old home and office building when they came here to Salt Lake Valley). I am excited to know the history and some interesting facts that I could bridge to the gospel with it. I am really excited. Although I am still in the boundaries of Temple Square. My Preparation day will be on Wednesday. So you will be expecting another email from me around Thursday (PH time wise).
The change has not been really easy. This transfer conference was with tears because I have grown to love my companion so much and that we didn't want to leave each other. But no worries, She'll be back 5 days before my birthday which is really exciting.
Missionary work has really been great especially when you really learn how to love the Lord, love your mission and love your companion, district and zone. This has really been a fun transfer for me and I know that it's going to be more enjoyable as time flies. There is still more work to do, still more sacrifices to make, more Christlike attributes to develop. One of the things that my companion (as district leader) has said, "When you are struggling, tried and tested in your mission, that means you still have room to grow." I just love how the gospel always stretches us to become better. And those processes are painful but are worth it. Change is for the good. Change is for us to learn. And I am really grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission.
So I might be running out of words to say for Wednesday... I'll just save some of them 'til then.
Take care and I love you! :)

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