Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's P-day!!!!


​ to my Dad! and Late Happy Charter Day for my hometown. (Cebu, Philippines!)
Second, Thank you for those who are keeping in touch with me through emails. I really appreciate them and the funny and thrilling news from back home. Some of them somehow made me nervous and anxious in a good way but then, it kind of makes me happy that I am updated with the events.
My companion is Sister Dantas from Brazil and I just love her. She is fun to be with and crazy and one thing that I've learned from her is doing our best to become obedient. Obedience truly brings blessings and as we do our best​ to act on our faith, miracles happen. She is such a hardworking person and she really motivates me to use our time wisely and to focus on the work (even though we talk about crazy random stuffs in between.)
One thing that I love about my mission is even though you are having a hard day, the Lord really shows His love to make you feel better. This past week, there has been a lot of instances that has made me appreciate how much the Lord has blessed me before and during my mission. This made my prayers even more meaningful as I show gratitude to Him. And the more that I show Him gratitude, the more I feel His love and the more my love for the Lord grew and the more I wanted to share the gospel to others. It is just so amazing.
​There are still times that I am having struggles in my mission, that I feel inadequate, left out or I am not doing the best that I am doing... The Lord know every single detail of my life that during those times I felt so down, I prayed and the feeling of comfort would fill my heart and suddenly, something happens that makes me feel superbly happy especially when it comes to doing the Lord's work or helping out others in our own little way as Temple Square/Preach My Gospel Missionaries.
I really love being a missionary despite the hardships and fears that I am having especially with regards to the work.
I love you all!
P.S. Spring is coming hhhheeeeerrrrreeeeee... :)
♥ Sister Ngo / ♥ 傳教士姐妹
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission

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