Tuesday, February 04, 2014

新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!


How are all of you doing? Utah has been so confusing with the weather but I love it! I love the snow and I am getting used to the cold air although not totally used to it. We just celebrated Chinese New Year last week. Our Mission President, President David E. Poulsen, served his mission in Taiwan and was able to stay in Manila and Cebu in the Philippines for quite some time. So... it was a privilege of celebrating Chinese New Year, and this year is the year of the
or Horse. (I just learned how to type in Chinese Characters. Forgive me for my excitement with my Chinese heritage.)
So anyway, the past few weeks has been great! In my last email, I was talking about our new investigator from Shreveport, Louisiana. He is now a progressing investigator and he has been keeping his commitments. We were able to have a member present lesson with him and a recent convert of my companion who was perfect for him because of their similar personalities. And we have had a hard time with member presents for the past two transfers. He is just awesome.
Last week has been a week of challenges for us and we have been really busy but it was a good week. We were able to teach another investigator with a member present. She was referred by her friend who was to go on a mission in the Hill Cumorah Historical Site. The one who referred was our member present and she will be entering the MTC on Wednesday. She's really excited for her mission. We weren't able to achieve much of our goals for this week but we were still happy with the small and simple blessings that Heavenly Father has given us for the work and it also tells us to strive to become better.
Having read the emails from my friends and family (especially from my brother who is currently on a mission) has been a very wonderful strength for me with the love Heavenly Father has given each of His children. And every single day, we have come to see them as Heavenly Father sees them and we feel that love to help them by serving the Lord and serving them through sharing the gospel. This is our calling and there are many blessings in this calling that I would always treasure.
What I love most about Temple Square mission is the Spirit that I always feel whoever who I'm with. I love the conversion stories of my fellow Sister Missionaries, our Recent Converts and I love the opportunity of bearing my testimony wherever or will be. It has strengthened my faith and my confidence in the Lord and that I can do miracles in this work with His help. I love my companion and I love the wisdom and the love that she has and will share with me every day. There are many challenges, but these challenges help me grow to the person who Heavenly Father wants me to be.
Sharing the gospel is really rewarding. Growing through the missionary experience is worth it. I love being a missionary. I love being a daughter of God, and most especially, I love being an instrument in His hand in His work in these latter days.

I love you all!

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