Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Middle of Second Transfer!

Time flies so fast that we are already in the 4th Week of my second transfer, and I will be finishing my training in a few weeks!
The past few weeks has been a very spiritual experience for me. We have seen a lot of miracles and a lot of ups and downs that has strengthened my faith (and the faith of our zone).
Yesterday, we took a group of people to a tour. Two of them were from Saudi Arabia coming here to the US to learn language (English, I think). As Temple Square Missionaries, we teach as we give tours, bridging places to the gospel and using our resources to share the Preach My Gospel lessons. We bear our testimonies as we go from place to place around the square. By the end of this tour, the girl (who is a muslim) approached us and said that she felt something different and she could see it with the way we speak and in our faces. My companion and I knew that she felt the spirit in that tour. She really seemed interested about the church. Since we are not allowed to teach people from the Middle East (I just recently learned the reason why), we just gave her materials in Arabic. It was really awesome!
Before that, we went online for mormon.org chats and we had this awesome chat with a guy named Kyle Southard from Louisiana. He said that he was able to go to a church service in Memphis, Tennessee and loved it that when he got back home from Shreveport, he was looking for the nearest ward that he could attend. The reason that he went online to chat is because he was looking for a nearby Singles' Ward there. Unfortunately, there was none nearby so that we asked him if he would be willing to learn more about the church and that we would be willing to call him and teach him over the phone and he said yes and asked for local missionaries as well. We also talked about the Book of Mormon on chat! So, we have an appointment with this Wednesday! Miracles!
The spirit was just so strong yesterday! It all started in Sacrament meeting and somehow, I feel kind of down yesterday without knowing why. One of the Assistants gave a talk yesterday on atonement and somehow, I felt that it was exactly what I needed at the time. At the end of the evening, when my companion and I were closing our daily planning session, I just felt the urge to hug her and tell her that I love her and that whatever she's struggling through, it would all be alright and she's a very strong missionary. Somehow, with all the things that I have said last night, I said something that she really needed and we both ended up crying (in a good way) because the spirit was really there. She was struggling about a phone call that she had received a few weeks back.
I just really love the gospel and how much it has blessed the lives of those who have it. And I really want all people to have those blessings. These experiences has really shown me how much we are instruments of God to show His love to all people. But full-time missionaries aren't the only ones who have that privilege. I know that as we strive to develop charity and do our best to serve the Lord by sharing glad tidings of great joy, we will be blessed spiritually. We, in turn, become better people than who we ever were the day before. I love the Lord. I love serving Him. Missionary work may be difficult, but it's the best experience that I ever have in my life. It is all worth it.

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