Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Second Transfer!

Time really flies fast when you are serving the Lord. One transfer (6 Weeks) has gone by and another is beginning.
Another transfer, another year, another district, another zone. It's another chance to improve on, to become better. Although my companion is still Sister Stephen. She is now my District Leader and our Zone is now West 2 from South 2 last transfer. In a few days from now, our new mission President will be President Paulsen.
This first week of the transfer has been quite a struggle because it's another adjustment period, but somehow, I'm learning from the changes that are happening. Changes are for the best. I am reminded in my first week that faith precedes miracles. As our mission president and his wife would say, Faith = Obedience = Power. Knowing that the Lord trusts us to do His work gives us that confidence to do so. But we also have to show that we trust Him by being obedient to His commandments (including the missionary standards). Those things make miracles possible because we knew that the Lord will help us to do these things.
This transfer, I hope to improve on a lot of things. My confidence to testify of what I know to be true and to share the love that Heavenly Father gave to each and everyone of us. I also asked permission from my mission president to have a language study in Mandarin so that I could improve on the language. There are a lot of Chinese visitors coming here to temple square and in grabbing the opportunity, I could see how much the Lord is hastening His work since most of the Sisters here are international and some are even from countries that we know (or not know) that has heard of the church (or even His gospel).
Serving here at Temple Square has been a great experience for me to learn and to grow. It has been an experience for me to become spiritually stronger and to become closer unto our Heavenly Father. It strengthened my faith and my love for the Lord. I love my mission. I love doing the Lord's work. 

My P-day this transfer is on Monday. and Sorry I couldn't send pictures this week because I forgot to bring my data cables at our apartment.

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