Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Snowy December!

Hello Everyone! 
It's snowing here today at Temple Square! I'm finally having my first taste of a white Christmas. With that, it's a superbly busy season here at Temple Square as families come to see the lights and see the Christus statue.

I'm currently at my first transfer and I am with my companion, Sister Stephen from Nebraska. She's awesome. She's a good trainer. She sees the best that I could do even though I have failed a lot of times. She helps me strive to improve. 

​I also had my first Thanksgiving dinner here and it was fun, we had ice skating, watched a couple of Disney movies and did some arts and crafts.

This Christmas Season, the lights are up on the Square and it's beautiful. But we must never forget the true meaning of Christmas which is our Savior, Jesus Christ. Last Sunday, we were able to attend the Christmas Devotional live at the Conference Center. The messages were inspiring and powerful. It reminded me of home, but most of all, it reminded me of the Atonement. Our Savior is God's unspeakable Gift (2 Corinthians 9:15) and the evidence of His unconditional love for us.​ The Lights in Temple Square also symbolizes Christ as the light of the world, the example that we should follow in our lives. The light of our path to eternal life.

Yesterday, we also had a Mission Tour/Mission Conference with Elder Clark of the Seventy as a speaker. He reminded us how to become Preach My Gospel Missionaries and as representatives of Jesus Christ, we must exemplify His works. A lot of insights came into my mind and most especially on how we can become happier the more we serve the Lord.

The news about back home was devastating, scary and the members here have shown deep concerns for the members there. Our prayers are thoughts with the members who are affected and I know that this is the time to display and develop a sense of charity and welfare to those in need. It's the perfect time to apply the counsels of King Benjamin in Mosiah and most especially, it's the perfect time to give the most memorable gift we could give this Christmas... compassion and charity. I know that as we do this, we would draw closer to God and become even happier and we will be abundantly blessed.

Be strong and be of Good Cheer. This Christmas season, let us be reminded of the Spirit of Christmas. All we have to do is just to take of the last syllable, as President Monson said... the Spirit of Christmas... becomes the Spirit of Christ.

I love you all and have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

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