Friday, October 04, 2013

Temple Experience

Going to the temple on Thursday has really been a routine of my parents and I was able to join them since last June. It is always wonderful to go to the temple and perform sacred ordinances for ourselves and for the dead. You could think how many souls you get to save and how many families you get to seal.

Every Thursday is quite different, but the common denominator is that I always feel closer to Heavenly Father once I am inside. What excites me the most are the ordinance workers who will greet you with loving and caring smiles. They are really accommodating and the more you go there, they would eventually know you by your last name. They already knew my mom and dad and this particular sister already knows me.

Going back to the topic, every session, you receive different revelations to different concerns. That is one thing I like about the temple. You find peace, joy, happiness and love once you get inside and bring your concerns and pour out everything to Heavenly Father that you do not usually pour out during your personal and family prayers. One of the things I realized as well is that you become more sensitive to the promptings of the spirit if you also fast and pray and ponder on the scriptures. I never tried fasting while going to the temple. I might try that someday.

Something about this Thursday Session was different. I thought of my family history, I thought of missionary work, I thought again and again of the messages that was given by the general Relief Society presidency and I thought of what to look forward to in the upcoming General Conference of the church. There were a lot that I thought about and surprisingly, all thoughts became real. Despite being sick, I tried my best not to cough during session. I was feeling better this time in comparison to the last time I went there which was last week with the never ending coughs and the two sisters who were ordinance workers during that session was getting pretty worried. I was still coughing this session and luckily the Relief Society sisters showed their love and care by helping me out. This particular sister, whom I knew by face but not much by name, gave me cough drops when my mom ran out of it and I still kept coughing. Later, while coughing again, a certain sister rubbed my back. I would have thanked her, had I know who did it, but I knew Heavenly Father knew I was grateful for that small effort of love and kindness. I never felt alone, I felt love.

To all the sisters out there, continue to show love, kindness and care to those around you, especially the sick and afflicted. We each have our own burdens but it's wonderful if we "comfort those who stand in need of comfort." We need to lift one other up with simple efforts. Be grateful of those who do those things to you. Such small things can create a big impact to other people's lives.

Sisters, be strong. Whatever you may be facing now, know that God loves you. He always has and He always will. I love you. And I want to thank you for your efforts to inspire, comfort and give relief to others. Be a role model those around you, I know you will greatly be blessed, because I have been blessed with that same privilege.

Take Care.
Sister Ngo

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