Thursday, April 17, 2014

I am grateful this week because..

Just decided to send an email to my immediate family and to only my dearest friends...

Somehow, I am happy that you were able to lift me up and make me ponder on things that I have never thought of pondering about. I decided last Friday, I think, to fast for the very purpose that I need to gather my strength, increase my faith and all things and try to have a positive view on everything. It is just so wonderful how the answer came quickly to me numerous times that day that somehow, I cried after closing.

"What manner of woman will ye be?" was the question during zone conference last Friday. President shared a lot of things with us and each element was the answer. After General Conference and pondering on what Elder Perry and Elder Bednar said, it just dawned to me that I needed to increase my faith in the Lord and His Atonement, and one way is to strive to live by His gospel and live by the rules and commandments that He has set. It is hard, but it's worth striving for. As I did so, I came to discover that I become more sensitive to the spirit when I exactly obey mission rules without complaining. I am also slowly discovering the gifts that God has given me to help me invite others to come closer to Him. What is even more amazing is that these gifts cannot function without faith. The more faith I have in the Savior, the more powerful they can be.

"God doesn’t ask you to convert but rather to open your mouths. The task of converting is not yours—that belongs to the person hearing and to the Holy Spirit."

I came across this quote one day when my companion was looking at her study journal. It was a quote from President Uchtdorf. This also inspired me to not always be discouraged if people don't accept our message or if missionary work has not been the way that we want it to. The Lord's thoughts are not our thoughts but if we trust and rely in Him, we can become instruments in bringing about this marvelous work.

This has helped me realize how blessed I am as a daughter of God to be here and to become trusted with this work. I am so blessed because of how much the gospel has changed my life and brought me a great hope and a positive attitude this week (and in the weeks to come) about the work, no matter how difficult it seems. I am grateful that because of this gospel and the love that God has for each and everyone of us that I am able to have this opportunity to learn and to grow and to pass through the refiner's fire and to be cleansed with the fuller's soap. The gospel is just so amazing, so wonderful that I just don't feel like stopping myself in sharing the blessings that I have received through it.

I love you. All of you inspire me and make me strive to become the person who I can be. Keep the faith and press forward.

♥ Sister Ngo / ♥ 傳教士姐妹
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission

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