Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's more fun in the Philippines... but it's even more fun in TEMPLE SQUARE!

Mabuhay! こにちわ!你们好!

​Where did this week go?! Time has flown by so fast and it's going by even faster! I can't believe that we're past the first half of the transfer!
This week has been super crazy and I always go home super exhausted. My companion and I have been busy with EVERYTHING that I can possibly imagine. Even Sisters in my class can testify that this transfer has been super crazy and that all of us have a lot of things going on in our heads, despite my trainer telling me to relax. Last week I started (and finished) making my post-mission macro plan assignment given by President Poulsen, my companion got her iPad​

​, we had exchanges, we went to LDS-BC to do some stuff that are preparing us for the mission. I've been having to many sweets. Then we had Zone Leader Reports yesterday and we were quite nervous, we had no idea if we're doing okay with our reports. To add, we will also be giving a training on "Because He Lives" Easter Initiative. We are quite excited about that though and still trying to figure out how to do it. What even makes me more anxious to do it is that it is my first time to ever give a training to the mission, let a lone a group of 180+ people. But I knew my mother taught me well and my companion and another set of companionship will be helping out. And I must not forget the Spirit as well. :)​
I guess, the highlight of the week would be our preparation for the training.​ The Assistants showed us the video so we would have an idea of what we were going to train about especially as a visitors' center missionary. The Video itself is so powerful, and I know that it is as powerful as the "He is the Gift" one. Something that I really liked is how much it reminded me of the Atonement and my conversion story. It reminded me of how much the gospel has changed my life and looking back, I have grown a lot spiritually. Two of the lines said, "No matter who you are or who you were, He is here. No exceptions, no lost causes, at all times, in all places, He is here." Through the Savior Jesus Christ, we - no matter who we are and where we've been - can be healed, happy, hopeful and helped. He is always there if we seek and find him.
That's my update for today.

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