Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weekly Letters

After sending an email to my mission president... I just have no idea of what to emails to send home at this very moment. I just wished to copy and paste it but there might rather be confidential information that just needs to be discussed within the family that I felt like I could share with the mission president and my companion only. Although I don't really see why it would be.
Hearing emails from home and from my friends who are doing great at the mission field gives me inspiration and motivation to work as hard as I could. And this week has been quite spiritual. Although it wasn't as successful as we thought it would. It was still a great week. We had four Chinese people who are really interested in learning about the gospel but sadly they will be going back to China in a few days. What made them interested? Because of how much the church focuses so much on families and family history work, things that are really important for the Chinese people.
As for my companion, she is doing really good! I love her so much and sometimes I really feel sad because there are times that I would want to help her but I couldn't. But I am doing the very best that I could in order to support her in any way that we can, even though we have some certain differences (like she likes to eat spicy food and I do not.)
As for my family, they are striving the best that they could. But I could see that they are really blessed and that is because of the gospel. I do not doubt, this Church is true. The Lord does take care of your sheep when you take care of His. My family has been my source of inspiration and strength and testimony in most of the things I do here on my mission (of course, secondary to the Lord. The Lord will always be top priority).
Our investigators? William Mitchell is getting baptized tomorrow! And he would like to thank our families for making us (his missionaries) who we are and making us be here. He's a really sweet guy. Our Cebuano investigator from Sandy, UT - Mario Bondoc - will be baptized next transfer. He wants his daughter to attend the baptism. I do understand why and I know that baptism is a really important milestone and it would be really nice if family members do attend and witness the ordinance.
I am loving my mission. And I love my Savior Jesus Christ. 

Sister Ngo / 姐妹
Utah Salt Lake CityTemple Square Mission

​P.S. We had zone activity last week at the Howells Residence. The Howells are our lovely Senior Couple who serve as secretaries to the President. Pictures are as attached. My mission President replied to my email last week and bore his testimony about the Savior. I am happy that one of my friends, Sister Kyrene Darby A. Osumo, will be receiving her mission call anytime soon. And I am so proud of my brother, Elder Ngo, for being such a courageous and valiant servant of the Lord who is willing to sacrifice in order to bless others, especially the family. And to those whom I haven't mentioned....

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