Saturday, June 21, 2014

Last Week of my 5th Transfer!!!!

Excerpt for this week's letter to the Mission President:
With this experience that is happening in my family, a thought came into my mind of what is to be learned from this wonderful example and such a spiritual experience and how I can apply this in my own missionary work. 
es, somehow I would be grateful and I would feel blessed because the Lord is protecting my family, but there is much more to it than that. I have learned that Heavenly Father actually requires faith that never 
 ​ ​from His children, particularly His Saints. My mom's faith in not questioning or doubting the Lord is something that I am still continually working on especially this transfer has been a struggle for Sister Chen and I to look for new and prepared investigators. As we were having companionship study earlier, I realized I shared that "Faith is an action, not just merely believing." Faith is to keep standing no matter what challenges or depressing moments that come. Faith is having that trust in the Lord even though things went wrong. And I have seen such a great faith from both my mother and brother that as I read emails from my family, my heart just swells with the Spirit knowing that even though the things that are happening might worry me but the peace that everything is going to be okay, even here in the mission field that are long ways from home.

​Missionary work IS hard. That is because the ATONEMENT was never easy. As ambassadors to the Lord Jesus Christ, we must experience what the Lord has experience in order to understand fully the Atonement and how we could apply them to help our investigators and the people we meet on the square. Reading some of your emails, especially to those that are on a mission right now, that some of you were laughed at, scourged, rejected... I know how you feel. But I also loved how some of you said that despite those times, you still see the fruits of your labors and know that you are never alone because He has been there. Those insights, thoughts, hopes are very inspiring and motivating and sometimes we fail remembering them especially when we go through a really tough challenge.
The excerpt above taught me a valuable lesson, just as some of your emails have. These past 2 weeks have been such a spiritual experience for both my family and I. ​And somehow, I am counting the blessings that I have received through this trying but wonderful times. In fact, one of the blessings that we have received is that we had an unplanned opportunity during exchanges. We were asked to cover for serving in the Beehive house and when we got to west gate information booth, a Korean lady needed help to figure out the nearest bus stop where the Route 205 bus going to Murray would load passengers. We asked for directions by calling the UTA (Utah Transit Authority) and she gave us a lot of directions going there. Having looked up the address of Hotel Monaco (which we were informed where the bus stop is), we decided to go with her since she's not much used to the Salt Lake and doesn't speak much English (I became the spokesperson by the way. She lives in Murray for 4 years now and she's 80 years old). We walked around 4 blocks from Temple Square and we were able to reach our destination and it took us about 30 minutes to get to the bus stop (4 blocks is FAR according to the Utah grid... roads here are wide!) and we found out that there was a shorter way to get there (there was actually a bus stop at State St., 2 Blocks South of Temple Square). But with that experience, we learned patience and service. We weren't able to get her information and to have us share with her more, but this kind lady insisted on giving us $20 for our dinner even after numerous attempts of telling her that she doesn't need to. We decided to donate the money to the General Missionary Fund. It was already a blessing to have the opportunity of helping her out (and exploring some places along the way).
So somehow, sorry for the long email... Just wanted to share with you what happened this week. I love you all.

Sister Ngo / 姐妹
Utah Salt Lake CityTemple Square Mission

​P.S. Can some of you pray for my brother, Christian, and my uncle for a successful operation? Thank you so much.​

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