Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Birthday Week on the Mission!

家庭和朋友好!(Hello Friends and Family)
谢谢你们 (Thank you) for the birthday greetings! My birthday here on the mission was really special. It was a great way to start a week as well.

So this Monday, I woke up and I got A LOT of Birthday greetings from the Sisters who are quite close to me... My Trainer (Sister Stephen), My companion Sister Chen, Sister Dantas, Sister Ye from China, Sister Almeida from Brazil, Sisters Pipe and Marquez, Sisters from our Zone... The mission president's wife... the List goes on and on and on... My zone even made me a cute cut-out sun with all their greetings at the back. I'll take a picture of it and send it next week. Sister Ye bought me a cake and Sister Stephen, Sister Torino, my companion and I had a late birthday Ice cream Celebration last Thursday...

As people were asking me what I wanted to do on my birthday, I just said "work." And I really love missionary work even though there are challenges. Because at that day, my investigator William is progressing and we found one new investigator who was an inbound call and he is from San Antonio, Texas. He is really Golden and we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and accepted the small baptismal invite. This week, we also had a Mission Tour with Elder Clark from the Seventy and it was just a reminder of what he shared with us the last mission tour that he was here. I took some notes but I left it in the apartment. But one thing that I really remembered that he said is "Let no one else determine your happiness." It actually reminded me of my mom's situation before. hehehe. I also liked what he said that "If [we] will act, things will change" and "When you take good care of the Lord's sheep, he will take care of yours (meaning family)." It was a really spiritual mission tour and I really learned a lot from it.
I just felt so happy and walking in sunshine/sunlight here on my mission this week and I have never been happier, more determined and more motivated to serve the Lord and His family, OUR family. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the example that others have set around me. It has continually built my strength and my testimony that this gospel is true and that I am loved by my Father in Heaven because He gave me so many blessings in life, even the small once that I used to not take notice of. I am happy that I am able to help as much people as I could here on Temple Square whether they be online chats and phone calls and also the people who visit Temple Square, may be visitors and members alike. The gospel is really amazing.
I am happy of the news back home that my Sister is already taking that opportunity to help out in the great work which us - as Chinese speaking missionaries in Temple Square - are looking forward to, that China would soon be open for missionary work and to have access to the blessings and powers of heaven through the fulness of the restored gospel. I am also slowly but surely improving on my Mandarin and I have seen happiness on sharing the gospel and bearing my testimony. I am grateful of being here, being on this mission, being the instrument in the Lord's hands, becoming whom the Lord wants me to become.

我知道神很爱我们, 因为我们是的孩子。我知道家庭永远在一起。(I know that God loves us very much because we are His children. I know that families can be together forever).

我很爱和想念你们! (I love and miss you very much!)
P.S. I know this is kind of "non-missionary" for me but... I saw David Archuleta on Temple Square last Saturday. :) And I just said "Hi".
♥ Sister Ngo / ♥ 傳教士姐妹
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission

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