Friday, October 25, 2013

So... it's finally here!

I just received an email from the US Embassy that my documents are ready for pick-up or will be sent to the travel office. So I'll be expecting my itinerary next week...

Oh my! oh my! oh my! It's finally legit! I AM LEAVING NEXT WEEK! So I went to the dentist today to have my dental prophylaxis and immunizations for Pneumonia and Influenza vaccines.

And I am somehow grateful for making time count... despite I wasn't able to do the things I needed to do before sleeping 'coz I was soooo tired.

So what happened yesterday was we held an emergency meeting and it went great. Finally made some endorsements to Sister Cherry Ann Patangan to become  chairman of the Christmas Pageant. I finally see what it really meant by being patient with the Lord's timetable. He would really find a way to help you. It's really a nice feeling 'coz things are starting to go through as planned.

But what I did yesterday was slightly unplanned.

After the emergency meeting, I was planning to go to the temple to thank Heavenly Father for so much blessings. It got cancelled 'coz my mom wasn't quite feeling well and nobody will be left at home so I stayed and helped Bro. Fred Dimaya discussed the flow of the pageant with the youth.

After much discussion, I was planning to go home then but ended up talking with Princess Cultura about a lot of stuff and got dragged to packing relief goods for the earthquake victims in Bohol through the Mormon Helping Hands. It was unexpected but I enjoyed every minute of it. Seeing others be happy through the service of welfare is so heart warming that I really find happiness in serving others as well. We were working hand in hand to help families and provide their immediate physical needs. I hope they would be provided with the spiritual needs as well. It is such a wonderful feeling that you know you are being used as an instrument for good.

I am grateful in becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We may not publicly announce our good deeds or even count them, but we know that all the good things that we do, being sincere and heartily, are worth it. :)

Princess and I... :)

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