Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Heavenly Father's Love

Yesterday, I was thinking about making another post since the memory was still fresh in my mind of what happened last Sunday.

The very moment I woke up was quite different although what I did was mainly routine: Waking up, looking to the mirror, soaking some clothes, taking a bath and prepare for the Sunday Service in the afternoon. But upon waking up and looking at myself, it felt different. I felt more confident of myself and I seemed to appreciate how I look. (As they say, a girl looks beautiful the moment she wakes up, because this is the moment where she looks simple, no make-up on. I don't really find myself pretty or beautiful despite some people's efforts to convince me that I am.) I decided to lighten up, smile and go about the day. As I sat down and started soaking garments, thoughts regarding our stake Christmas Pageant came up and and a wonderful feeling came into my heart. I then proceeded at taking a bath and fixing myself up to look my best for the day.

Unfortunately, we were late for the Sunday Service that we came when the young priesthood holders passed the water for the Sacrament. I wasn't able to partake of the Sacrament which made me a little disappointed but went on. I was able to catch up with some of the words the speakers said especially when Sister Agawin, one of our full-time missionaries said, "your children will become your future investigators". I smiled and asked my mother if she could testify of the truth though she didn't answer but in my heart, I know that it was true.

The lesson that Sunday focused on family history and temple work. Although, I was guilty because I haven't been diligent enough thinking that it was quite difficult since my father's ancestry are traced back to China and on my mother's ancestry are quite confusing since the dates that are input on the present records are incomplete. I just hope I could have the time to find more information regarding them. Throughout the Sunday, the whole service was focused on Family History and Temple Work. I remembered asking help from the Family History Center with my family tree.

On our way to meeting my aunt at one of the malls here in the Philippines for my cousin's birthday, I listened to some EFY music. Music always calmed my nerves any day or any time. As I listened to the songs, I felt Heavenly Father's love for me, a constant reminder that He would always support me every step of the way as long as I choose to honor Him and let Him stay by my side. I felt peace and comfort in my heart, the kind that told me to "calm down, everything will be fine. Don't worry too much." I then remembered President Hinckley's quote which I printed out on a Matte Photo paper that morning. He said...
Please don’t nag yourself with thoughts of failure. Do not set goals far beyond your capacity to achieve. Simply do what you can do, in the best way you know, and the Lord will accept of your effort.
I remembered (soon-to-be missionary) Elder Jon Nathan Aldemita's constant reminder for me. It was the exact same message that President Hinckley gave. I once again felt love from the Savior and our Father in Heaven that I must not think that I could do things on my own.

Last Sunday was also the General Relief Society Meeting held in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, UT. LDS pages in Facebook have been posting quotes and a certain quote from President Monson caught my eye (and my heart) that made me desire to watch and listen the rebroadcast in our stake centers this coming Sunday. I started to listen to the audio material last night and have felt the spirit touch my heart as the General Relief Society Presidency gave their talks on covenant keeping , our love for the Savior and the Father, Their love for us and how these things, when we honor and constantly remind ourselves of it, brings blessings in our mortal lives and the lives to come.

I exhort you Friends, Readers, my Dear Brothers and Sisters, to listen to these messages. Always know that God loves us and that in times of trial, call out to Him. As our Beloved Savior said in the 14th Chapter of John "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you." Always be reminded that we are never alone and that He is always at our side, waiting for us to open out to Him. Be strong and be faithful. Be of good cheer.

Love Lots,
Sister Ngo.

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