Monday, August 24, 2015

New Look, New Chapter

So, I've decided to create a new look for my blog today and it was a good thing that my dad put me into the printing station to do so. It gave me some time to edit some of my pictures to create the pinkish look that it has today. Well, for the love of pink, I'm obsessed with it as my favorite color.

I can't believe that time flies by so fast and I have been home for 4 months now. But this past month has been wonderful. I found someone whom I know has a huge possibility that I could be with for time and all eternity. And what's amazing about it is that I get to do the same routine things that I did on my mission. Personal Study, Companionship Study, (now weekly) Temple Attendance, and Church Attendance, Personal and Companionship Prayers. We've been keeping ourselves spiritually and temporally prepared for the goal of one day to be sealed in the Temple.

As all good things, there are also some oppositions in our relationship and our goals. Being both in our mid-20s, both of our sides of the family would want us to find job opportunities out of the country. Both of us are Registered Nurses aside from being both Returned Missionaries. But we also felt that there was something that we needed to do here before heading out. We also experienced our own inner pressures, our naturalism, our carnal natures that sometimes hinders us from reaching that goal. But we keep fighting through it. Together.

Anyway, I haven't used my own laptop yet to publish posts on here 'coz we've been pretty busy. And that also explains why I haven't been online much.... :)

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