Thursday, March 05, 2015

The First of the Last!

こにちわ! 你們好! Hey Ya'll!
So today was transfers and things have been crazy! After my P-day last Friday, I received a call from the mission secretary that President Poulsen wanted to talk to me.
I had a feeling that what I was thinking will happen. And it did.
He called me into his office and asked me questions of how the transfer was, how being district leader was and asked if I could step up. And of course, being taught by my wise mother to always accept callings from the Lord, I accepted a call to become a missionary with a special assignment to help the whole zone become successful missionaries. Such a huge responsibility. But after talking to my previous companion last night, I know that the Lord put me in this assignment for a reason and that He trusts me enough that I can do it. I knew I'm dying as a leader.
Well, let me introduce to you my new companion. Her name is Misuzu Ichikawa from Toyota, Japan (My sister will be so excited and yes, the cars are named after her town). She's my fourth and last Asian companion so it's going to be a pretty exciting transfer. I was in the same Zone with her in my 3rd Transfer in the East 2 Zone. We trained at the same time. She has such a sweet spirit with her which makes me even more happy to be with her. So I will be using the Japanese that I know this transfer. Yeay!
Ever since p-day last week, it has been hard since none of my investigators have been answering the phone. But I did have one miracle though. I met a girl on chat named Analyn who lives by Bontores in Basak Pardo. When I was asking her where is her area in because I wasn't quite familiar with Bontores, as soon as she said Tabada, I knew that she was right by me. I invited her to meet with the local missionaries and I got her phone number, being excited to do missionary work with someone who has the potential not only to become a friend but to be an amazing convert to the gospel and she's going to investigate my ward! We are still struggling with investigators but this transfer, Sister Ichikawa and I will do our best to Find, Teach and Baptize this transfer.
Another thing that has happened this week is that I got my "good-bye" talk that I will be delivering on March 15. I laughed when I got my talk because a few days before that I thought that if President Harman was inspired, my topic will be on Charity. Charity was a Christlike Attribute that I told myself I needed to work on ever since before I came on my mission.
I guess that is the update for this week. I'm so excited for this transfer!
愛してるよ。 我愛你們!

Sister Kristel Marie Cruz Ngo (吳姐妹)
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission/
Georgia Atlanta North Mission

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