Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Light and Life of Temple Square!

Ola mi familia y amigas/os y hermanas/os

Christmas is just right around the corner. I just find how crazy time flies because about a year ago, I was a new missionary during the Christmas Season. I felt like this year has been busier than last year but I guess that might be because coming back from my outbound mission, it is totally different and considering that I just got out of the MTC a year ago so I am still learning things. This year though, I am very familiar with the protocols. ​There are changes, with the "He is the Gift" initiative for one, and all of the people that I've worked with before who did not have leadership positions are now in leadership positions. It has come to that point that reality is hitting me and I don't have much time to be here, so I need to work harder than what I did, of course... without overwhelming myself.
Well, this morning during personal study, I have contemplated much on how I can become a sanctified and consecrated missionary... not just basing on the mission rules but to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ - here in Temple Square. I was able to do it in Georgia and the words of my previous companion would always go through my head and I paraphrase, "Miracles happen when we strive to be exactly obedient and when we sanctify ourselves in the work of the Lord." I went through my old notes and read my notes on President Uchtdorf's talk "Lord, Is It I?". I think I might have mentioned this in my previous emails.
As per missionary work, I am happy to say that I truly left my area better than I found it. My investigator from Georgia, Michael, is getting baptized this week and I am super excited. I came back to Temple Square with a few people who are willing to make commitments - that is because my companion, Sister Lau from Hongkong, is such an amazing missionary. She was also trained by a Filipina Sister from my class. We've also seen miracles this week especially in the Beehive when we met Megan from Boise, ID who is not a member of the church but was raised in the principles of LDS upbringing because of her grandmother and she really wants to know about the gospel and what makes us tick. This past and upcoming week is pretty busy because of meetings and assignments. I am back in the hive now and I am also whitewashing an assignment - Sacrament Meeting Coordinator. We get requests from bishops of the wards around Utah area (preferable Salt Lake County) to have Sister Missionaries from Temple Square speak and we find those Sisters and assign topics as the spirit directs. That was the very first thing I did after getting off a 4 hour plane flight from GA.
I am really enjoying Temple Square and I am glad to be back. Although to be honest, I also miss Georgia. But I am glad for the experiences that I have had and am having because they help me grow into someone that my Heavenly Parents wanted me to become. In my auntie Mercy's own words that would be similar to my mom's, "Just remember to constantly build your trust and faith in the Lord especially in times of tribulations.  Regardless of the outcome of your mission, treasure it, cherish it, live it, and learn much from it." I wouldn't miss these moments for the world!
This is where I end my current epistle to you. There is so much in store for me but I will be ready to treasure, cherish, live and learn from the experiences that I will be having.

​Much love,​
Sister Kristel Marie Cruz Ngo (吳姐妹)
Georgia Atlanta North Mission

​P.S. Merry Christmas from Temple Square! I don't know the result of the pictures but when I send it, it goes sideways... I hope it would come up straight.... XD And it was snowing when this picture was taken...

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