Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Back Home... to Temple Square!

My Georgia chapter is coming to an end, and another chapter in Salt Lake City Temple Square begins!
Time flies by so fast! I have just hit my 13th month mark last Saturday. Things have been pretty crazy this past week here in Georgia and I don't even know where to start. My mission has definitely been a roller coaster ride. At times, frustrating but it goes up to a hyped level of excitement, then it goes down again into a level of discouragement... then up... then down. But just like the roller coaster, you tend to enjoy it... that is if you don't get sick. Well, I haven't been really sick so far despite the stress that my companion and I have experienced. But to be honest, we could classify it as a worthy stress after much pondering done.
So, we had to move Michael's baptism date to the 19th or 20th of December due to some reasons. But it was good to know everything went well. Heavenly Father sometimes does have a good sense of humor, or if not, He just shows us how much He loves us and how much He has put His hands into this work. We just had to learn the principles of faith, trust and patience (not pixie dust - sorry :)). We've soon realized that the trials that we are experiencing with Michael are faith-testing moments to see how much we trust in the Lord and how much we are willing to endure. We also learned that we need to have hope for the good things and never fear nor doubt. After talking with Sister Hulme about it yesterday, we know that fear and doubt are sometimes necessary so that we can learn more how to strengthen our faith. 
On the side note, we met a wonderful family, the McElhannons. The wife is Taiwanese! :) I got really excited because I was able to speak Chinese again! The wife's name is Chong or Qiong... something like that. We taught them the husband the restoration and he seems pretty open about learning more.
My time in Georgia has truly been the most enjoyable and most learning experience that I've had on my mission. I am so blessed and so grateful to be here. I love the people that I have served and served with. I am sad to leave but I am excited for what's in store for me in Temple Square. Back to the snowy mountains, the lights, the music... :)
Well, just a short email for now... I don't know when my next preparation day is. I will find out this Wednesday...
'Til my next p-day!​

​/ Sister Kristel Marie Cruz Ngo (吳姐妹)
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission/
Georgia Atlanta North Mission

So... these are cans of smokeless tobacco...Some people here in the south chew them. One of our investigators was chewing tobacco and after boldly telling him that it was a violation of the word of Wisdom (which we just taught a few days before), he asked us to throw it in the trash... away from his apartment. So I took a picture before we did. If you peel a cigarette stick, you will see the exact same thing that are in these cans... and they're black colored...
...then a real bird's nest! Behold God's creations... :) ♥

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